Because of the long-lasting cooperation with well-known manufacturers we dispose of the technical know-how of the leading suppliers. Due to this we are in position to maintain, to re-construct or to further develop complexe engines, plants and their com-ponents at any time.

The projecting, mounting and commissioning are important parts of our capacities. You may rely upon our educated service technicians at any time.

Failure analysis for hydraulic and hydro-electrical controls

Experienced hydraulic technicians and control technicians analyze operation interferences- also in case of complexe plants. In this case our service team disposes of in total 4 engineers, 3 technicians and 2 foremen. Working more than 50 years in the business of hydraulics and control technics joined with the experience of our employees will also solve your problem.

Repair of hydraulic components

As a sales partner of Messrs. Bosch Rexroth and Moog we carry out the repair of all products of these manufacturers. But also the components of other manufacturers are not unknown to us. – From hydraulic cylinders, pressure storage devices and valves up to electrically controlled hydraulic pumps.

Installation and commissioning of hydraulic systems and electrical controls

As a manufacturer of hydraulic and electrical controls we know about the problems during the commissioning of complexe plants. For the electro-technics and the hydraulics are made at one hand, problems with the interfaces during commissioning are avoided.

Piping of hydraulic systems
Verrohrung von Hydraulikanlagen

Often the technical pretension of  piping of hydraulic systems is undervalued,.The cleaning and prevention of leakages are only the beginning of a successful piping. Also the noise level optimizing and the output data have to be considered. Therefore it pays for you if the piping is done by our qualified technicians who will keep an eye on the whole system. However “good” doesn’t mean in any case to be more expensive than cheap.

Repeated check of pressure storage devices
Prüfung von Druckspeicheranlagen

Pressure storage devices come under the pressure storage tank regulation and have to be checked regularly under safety aspects as per §14 (2) / § 15 (2)  Rule for Reliability in Service. We are qualified to perform such checks in cooperation with the TÜV. From simple bubble storage device up to piston storage device with nitrogen bottle battery
- everything is possible.

Fluid service, analysis of contamination level and cleaning of hydraulic systems

About 90% of all function interferences in hydraulics are resulting of contamination in operation medium. A simple oil change does not help because also “fresh out of the drum” does not guarantee the purity class. A continuous entering of dirt via the cylinder or ambient air can be cleared resp. avoided by a suitable filter. Hereby the service life of your plant can be increased considerably. Oil changes will only become necessary if the oil is getting to its chemical life limit. Do you have water in your oil? We assist you in clearing the source and clarify also small water quantities in the oil.

By means of our extensive equipment we analyze and clear your problems. You are in right hands – starting with a qualified taking of samples via the counting of particles up to the chemical analysis of your oil sample.

Optimizing of existing hydraulic systems

Also hydraulic systems which are served and maintained at an utmost level are getting old – however not everything being old is getting bad. Often these old systems can be modernized and optimized using new control technics, giving this piece of solid German engine building a new rentability. No matter if is the modification of the safety appliance of your press operation or the clearance of troublesome leakages. We always experience that the service life of our
customers’ plants can be considerably extended by only a relative small scope of work. Please call us and we will submit you our offer.

International service assignments

A big part of our products are commissioned world-wide. Therefore we dispose of well-founded experience in the performance of installation and service assignments abroad. From the overhaul of helicopter warping devices on frigates in Bahrain up to the installation and commissioning of a test field in Korea. Please contact our service !